West Columbia Church of Christ, South Carolina

Fall Festival 2016

Saturday October 22, 2016 the church got together at the building. Being that time of year, and somewhat festive, we called it the "Fall Festival".

But it was really a good time of fellowship and getting to know one another better.

There were pumpkins being decorated; A chili cookoff (with 5 entries) and the happy  (I still say "E" was the best though)  winners; and of course desserts .

Also games for all ages:
  * Fly your paper airplanes through the hoops
  * Bounce the super bouncy balls into little buckets (then find them)
  * Poke a Pumpkin, get a prize
  * Move cotten balls from one plate to another, with your nose, no hands! Harvey won.
  * Pickup MM's with a straw and move from one plate to another, Spencer won.
  * Balance sugar cubes on a coffee stirrer held in your teeth, Janet won!
  * Slide an Oreo down your face to your mouth, Lauren was the only one that succeeded (once) in doing this!

A special thanks to Lauren for being such a super organizer and decorator and game-meister and all those who helped her in putting all this together.

Fun was had by the young and not-so-young and those in-between.

But most important, members got to talk with one another, becoming better able to encourage one another.

" And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works." - Hebrews10:24

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