West Columbia Church of Christ, South Carolina

Building Renovations

After almost 50 years of continuous use, the old facilities needed a lot of work. Master builder and brother in Christ Jim Farley proposed a brilliant, yet extremely economical, plan of renovation. After much prayer, the brethren, wanting to increase the Lords church in West Columbia, decided to trust in God and go ahead with the renovations.

Both the old auditorium and educational buildings have been gutted. The Lord willing, they'll get completely new interiors, with new electrical, lighting, and HVAC systems. Both buildings get new roofs. There will be a new 2 story addition, topped by a steeple, joining the 2 buildings with new (full height) classroom, office and bathroom space. The auditorium will have a new, raised baptistery, new windows, the vaulted ceiling restored and a balcony section added. The pews have been taken out to be refinished. The old educational building will have 4 new large classrooms, a new enclosed kitchen area and a large, vaulted ceiling multi-purpose room.  Pictures Below